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Talking about wildlife in Nepal, the first thing that comes to your mind is the Royal Chitwan National Park. Located 165 kms away from the busy capital Kathmandu, Chitwan National Park is home to more than 50 species of mammals like inimitable one horned rhinos, sloth bears, enormous elephants, leopards, bisons, crocodiles, pythons and 530 colorful singing birds. Exotic birds such as giant hornbills, lesser floricans and paradise flycatchers can also be observed. Above all, ruling this jungle is the Royal Bengal Tiger, which has added tremendous charm to this jungle’s wildlife. The search to see this gorgeously handsome creature will enthrall you and take you far into the jungle. Nowhere else than the “Into the wild eco resort” would be your perfect place to experience all this excitement. Located west from the commercially crowded tourist hub Sauraha, this resort lies at the bank of the Rapti river and its only friends are wild animals, colorful birds and the sounds of nature. The unique bends of the Rapti river with its golden reflecting water at dusk could make every heart smile.

A blend of the indigenous Tharu culture and the comfort of the western world have made this resort uniquely beautiful. The traditionally-built external look of its mud wall cottages and thickly thatched roofs make you experience the unique society of the Tharus, whereas the lavishly crafted western interior and comfortable furnished rooms make you feel at home. Each room with its own private balcony and the western-built private fitted bathroom with hot and cold water reassure your smooth stay.

Besides this luxury, our friendly naturalists wait to welcome you to share their experience and knowledge in wildlife. Whether it be on the back of a giant elephant, or on a single tree dugout canoe; may it be while you are in the middle of a jungle walk with a pumping thrilled heart, or with greedy eyes trying to catch a glimpse of the Royal Bengal Tiger while in jeep safari, our friendly naturalists will always be there to help you understand every mammal you see or tell you about the character if a distant flying bird as well as the flora and fauna of the park.

Organic food is the best way to keep you healthy. That is why “Into The Wild Eco Resort” has its own organic kitchen garden. Handpicked vegetables are special prepared by our well experienced chef’s.

The “Into The Wild Eco Resort” also conducts special training programs on hotel management and food safety management system to motivate and provide employment to the locals, underdeveloped ethnic groups and women. Our highly skilled trainer and training has helped even the indigenous tribes to be able to give their best service in the hotel industry.